Thursday, February 2, 2012

Top 10 things bothering me today GRRR

Good Morning. There are a couple of things on my mind since yesterday that have been bugging me.....

1. If one is smart enough to get As and the other handy enough to put a whole tile floor by himself, why is it that neither of you can put the fucking cap on the toothpaste, or clean the sink after you brush your teeth?

2. I know I'm the mom, and I take my mom job pretty serious, but would it kill all of you to wash a dish or just clean up where you ate? You can't expect the poor dog to always go ninja and try to take the last crumbs from the table when I'm not looking.

3. How about them rooms? would it kill you to have look presentable once in a while? I mean you ask me to go find you a paper and I have to get goggles and a harpoon just to dig around.

4. The damn fingerprints on the walls!!!!! WTF would you not see all the damn diggits going all the way up the stairs and think, shit I better wipe this shit before my mom goes ape shit on me.

5.There are instruments everywhere in my one once in a while.

6. If you are my friend, why would you act that way?

7. I really get pissy when someone tries to make me look bad just so they can make themselves look good. You are still not that great, no matter what you do. Just saying.

8. Why can't I seem to get around to doing all the stuff I need to be doing? oh yeah, because I'm going around in circles dealing with the most usless and stupid shit you can imagine.

9. I started my medication again and I'm feeling like a truck hit me, and my eyes are dry. Ugh.

10. I don't want to give up, but I feel like any minute now I'm going to just unplug myself....

There are more but I don't want to seem bitchy.


Anonymous said...

Just breathe!! And if that don't help, I'll come handle it for ya... bootcamp 101 and kick a few butts. :)

Hope things are better today.


SM said...

that's right! you are ninja!! :)
come whip them into shape.