Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scratch and sniff

Image-taken from my back yard

Whenever I see or talk to certain people I can get these amazing feelings where I just want to hug them and kiss them repeatedly. I don’t because who really wants to be randomly hugged and kissed? Well, me, but I can’t say that’s normal.

I think I’m an avid people watcher. Shows like “Lie to me” make me happy. Of course for someone like me, those shows only feed my need to analyze people in the most invasive way. Well, not that invasive.

I remember being a lot younger and having everyone hug and kiss all the time. I suppose that being from South America makes this part of the norm. When I came to live here my norm had to change. I still aim to kiss your cheek before I would ever aim to shake your hand, but there are so many who just look so caught off guard. The contact with someone’s cheek and the feel of their body heat near yours is just amazing. You can feel chemistry much quicker this way. I know I’ve been released from a hug only to feel like I just wanted to leave the room, other times like I could hug that person forever.

Don’t you love when someone smells so good you just want to sniff them a while longer?

Scents can evoke feelings too. That is why it is so hard to find that scent that is yours and it lets others feel a connection with you. I happen to love Fresh – Pink Jasmine as my everyday scent. I noticed that when I wore the vanilla bean scent from the scrub people commented on how they wanted to take a bite out of me. That was crazy. The Pink Jasmine is soft and fresh. I like it. I own plenty of perfumes, and some are just so delicious that I sniff them on my way to the bedroom at night. There are plenty of studies about perfumes and their effects. I can only go by trial and error. If I’d sniff me, then I’m good. Now, if a random stranger stops you and says, you smell delicious! I think that’s a bonus (not that this ever happens to me).

I read in an article that if you find a mixture of lavender and pumpkin you get a scent that men love, and that turns them on. I’m not sure I want to smell like a pie and a flower. I do love pumpkin pie though. Would that make a guy want to bite into you and sniff you?
Would I want to sniff you?


Madame DeFarge said...

I love the smell of vanilla. But maybe that's because it reminds me of ice-cream....

SM said...

Vanilla bean is the scent i got for a scrub. It was so strong!!
I can imagine vanilla alone is much softer and noone will want to bite you haha.
Now I want a sunday!

Shadow said...

oh i love this post... the sense surely do evoke a lot of feelings, memories, promises of things to come.

SM said...

I kept it PG, I so wanted to take it up a notch. :) Blame it on the senses haha.