Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where was I? - Diary 37

I was taking a break, soaking up the sun, getting a tan, relaxing under a palm tree, drinking beer and not getting drunk, laughing often and with feeling.

That's right, I took a vacation.

With my great husband, my kids and great friends.

Met some cool people but neglected to capture them on film. They don't know I like to blog. I don't think they are the blogging type.

J.A.M.A.I.C.A. mon!, it was groovy. (Does anyone say groovy anymore?).

The food was delicious, fish, fish and more fish. All types of fruits, and veggies by the dozen. Some curry chicken and some other funky stuff I tried a little and liked it. A bartender who made me laugh and knew the fruity drink I liked (without alcohol). Watching grown ass mothers drunk at the bar made me sick. Only temporarily because otherwise I didn't give a shit.

No tv watching, no computer (well, I did sneak that one day for two hours), no cooking (oh yes), no making the bed, no responsibilities other than making sure the kids ate and didn't wonder off. The nanny was a success at the resort, she took Em, and he took to her quickly. The kid was born to have an entourage. Did I even spell that right?


How much do you love how quiet my spot was every morning? lovely view, silence and a lot of beauty.

A lot of peace.

Peace is good.


Some color is always good....
Welcome to Jamaica mon, no problem!


Blasé said...

Good for you, and glad for your safe return.

Your new profile pic is wonderful, and it appears you are thinking-

'Come over here and sex me up!'

RA said...

Jamaica! Oooh! I'd give up quite a lot for your quiet spot... :)

Anonymous said...

Nice!! You deserved that vacation. ;)

Hope you took advantage of that morning spot, to work on your writing. heehee (I need a story fix...can ya tell?)

You were missed, but it looks like you got some much needed R & R. And maybe some time to yourself to rejuvenate that beautiful inner spirit! Yay


Laura said...

Your picture alone speaks even better than the blog itself! You look so happy, healthy and peaceful - yes, peace is THE word.;)

So glad to hear that you had such a great time! Those pics are slices of paradise.

But where's your rasta???lol
(love your curly look more than the straight, btw!)

SM said...

Blase - I think it was more like...ok, which side is my best side! ok, this one, hold that wrinkle, hold it....yeah there we go. But what you said works too.

RA - It was so lovely! people wanted my spot but I was there at 7am hee hee.

D - I'm on it, been having some migrane issues so can't focus on writing anything, and you know i need to focus to make it OK.
xox but I do love you for being so awesome.

Laura - the curls could only come out like this in Jamaica, in NY there isn't enough humidity. haha

Anonymous said...

Hope those migranes go away soon, no fun. I'll see what I can do to help.

Good things come to those who I'll patiently wait for the next story installment. :)

Much love back at ya!


Ps. I agree with the curly look

Anonymous said...

Nothing is better than a quiet getaway without life's regular distractions.