Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Secrets - Diary 36

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Where do secrets go?

If you tell a secret, then it's not a secret anymore.

I know secrets. Sometimes they weight a ton.

So how about this?

I'm letting them go, the secrets that is, well maybe the owners of them. Most didn't deserve my loyalty and love. Keep your secrets I say!

Maybe I'll find a Quija Board...and ask questions. It may certainly hold my secrets. I may not have to speak but think really hard and my fingers will do the walking. One letter, then two, then three....I'll create my own destiny.

Take your crap back, it's weight does not need be on me anymore. I wonder if I will lose a pound or two in the process, I do need it.

The dr. says stress, you have to give up stress. In the movie Angel Eyes the hot dude (oh my god he's hot) says something like...Let's start from scratch and then he points to the empty apartment and says, this is scratch.

SCRATCH bitches.

Honestly, not hating, just cleansing and I've been happy. Which is good, fantastic even.

Tomorrow it's a new day again, and as I dig deeper I scrape the crud that is stuck deep and doesn't want to come out.

On other news, lick me, my new scrub is Vainilla Bean and I smell like a Starbucks cupcake

With a brittish accent I say BRILLIANT


Anonymous said...

Yay to cleansing!

I hate stress and do all I can to avoid it. Less stress for you will do your health a great deal of good!

I would give ya a lick, but the urge to take a bite would be to great. Heehee


PS. I got a secret *come close* I know someone who is truly amazing!!

Shadow said...

wipe it clean. start afresh. nothing better than a clean slate. and a dark dusty suitcase filled with secrets floating down that river over there...

Alex said...

Hey! I just found your blog. I lost all my contacts when I ended mine. Nina Sarah's sister found my blog. I decided i didn't want her to go nosing around and deleted it. I got to it before she read anything important.

It looks like Sarah wants to get back together. No I haven't told her yet about you know what. I will let you know what happens.

SM said...

D - Thanks! i wrote this a while back just had not post it.
i think you are great too btw, ,no secret.

Shadow - Love the suitcase imagery, i'm using it! totatlly.

Alex - Welcome back, there are people looking to find things about us all the time. It's their stalking job haha. Good luck with everything!! and yes, please let me know, I love a good love story.

Laura said...

Great blog, you sexy cupcake!
I think we're on the same wavelenght, vacuuming.;)
You called it "scratch", I called it "fengshui". haha

(Alex! I was wondering what happened to you! Glad to see you back.)

Denise Burks said...

Dearest Sandra,

I've been torturing myself more than usual, lately. How do you quiet the voices? I want each sin to stand on it's own two feet without bringing all of the past sins into it! Thanks for holding up the mirror for me!



Blasé said...

Where are YOU!?

SM said...

:) hey Denise, you are one cool chick!

Blase mon, i just came back from Jamaica tonight mon :)

Anonymous said...

Vanilla bean and cocoanut are my two favorites.

SM said...

they taste oh so good.