Friday, October 22, 2010

What's in there

I have not written in a while, and it's not for lack of material.

While I've been gone, I've read an entire series by JR Ward about hot vampire men. I've re-organized my closet, my daughters closet and my son's closet. I didn't let them touch a thing for a week. Thankfully for them, I'm over it.

Two nights ago my husband asked me if my mind was ever blank. He thinks I'm always thinking and thinking...and thinking. Sadly he's right. I think too much, I tear situations apart in my mind to the point that they end up dust. Not the best thing to do. I was thinking about what he asked me when I picked this red piece of thread from my jacket and let it fall to the ground. I'm happy to report that while I watched that thread dance in the air and softly hit the carpet, my mind was blank. Promptly after it hit the ground I started thinking about weight. Someone really light and think will fall to the ground and it might be as graceful as the threat whereas a heavy person like me would not look so graceful. I started thinking how much I miss being graceful and thin. I got in the car and looked in the mirror. To my horror there was that hair that continues to come out on my chin. This fucker doesn't know when to stop. I pulled it, winced and thought back to the thread. I can't explain how pretty the dance it did in the air was. I suggest you take a piece of red thread and let it go, watch it fall, and be delighted by the dance. Your mind will just be blank.

Anyway, I remembered I had this account and thought it fit to come and see if my words to the universe were heard by anyone.

Hello, anyone out there?


Blasé said...

I like it that you are a thinker!

Madame DeFarge said...

I also have that hair. It's a pain, really, isn't it? And my mind is never blank. Sometimes wish it was.

SM said...

Thanks Blase!

haha Typo..meant air, it was late and I have no excuse...haha.

BS said...

Can you come organize my closet?

BS said...

Can you please come organize my closet?

Anonymous said...

OMG, she writes!!

I've not checked here in quite a while and what a pleasant surprise.

Going up to the mountains or even the Ocean, does the same for me as that piece of thread. Just to be there and take in the environment, to not think about it, but just enjoy it.


Jess Giles said...

i've missed reading your blog! and i miss you!

SM said...

I love organizing closets ;) I'll do it.

Yes, I write in my head alllll of the time.

Hey Jess - I miss you too, I'm glad you read my crap haha. You need to post more of your work.

Jerry said...

Your words are absolutely heard!

I hope you had a warm and happy Christmas and wish for a fulfilling new year.

Carrie Jones said...

Hope to read some more interesting post! Nice post indeed..