Monday, November 23, 2009

How low do you need to go? - Diary 4

I’d like to make myself believe – That planet earth turns slowly – It’s hard to say that I’d rather stay awake when I’m asleep – ‘Cause everything is never as it seems. Owl City

I wanted to blog on Saturday and Sunday but I didn’t have the energy to do it. To summarize, my friend went through a horrible ordeal and although she’s now ok, I still feel awful she had to go through such a bad time.

I cleaned the house and bitched about the dog hairs until Carlos shaved most of Kias’ hair and now there will be less. She likes it or so it seems and she’s a lot less raggedy. She had so much loose hair that was everywhere no matter how much I vacuumed. I am somewhat allergic to it but I live with it because I love that dog. Nothing I can do about the fact that she’s not some doodle dog that was created for my sensitive nose. I know she wants me to hug her all the time and now with less hair I can do that. Noone is as happy as she when I get home after being out all day. She knocks me down with her tail and jumps up at me to hug me.
Christmas is coming and this year has been hard, but not just for us, everyone seems to be in the same boat. That is all I have to say about that.

I was doing great weight wise, sugar wise, but then I had to see a picture of myself that made me gag. How can all these people tell me that I look great and then I see a picture and see how awful I look? People should get some sort of electric shock when they lie to you about looks, don’t you think? I do, and since I’m talking to myself here I’d have to agree with me.

On other news I am having fun watching the resident turkey run around like a maniac around our building. I’ve taken pictures of this animal as if he was the cute kid that gave me a crooked smile.

Went to Borders today and almost bought 10 books but this economy has my book habit on hold, like I may have to go to the library and take a book out..eeeeeek. I happen to love building my library, but I will take out books and not miss out on reading some wonderful classics. I’m just so bad with returning them.

Allright, time to get positive. Ready, set, go…get it done! Get going! Get moving and not to the refrigerator where it seems we all want to go in the winter.

Scott said he made lemon poppy muffins today and I have spent all day craving a muffin but resisted the urge to stop by starbucks and get one of those vanilla bean ones.

We have a Brittish client that says “brilliant” in her brit accent and I love it! Everytime we email she writes back “brilliant”, and when I hear it in my head I put the brit accent and it sounds awesome. I’ve decided to be brittish for a day. I’m going to change my voice mail to sound brittish too. What do you think? I will say brilliant and superb a lot. I will drink more tea and stick my pinky out. Can you picture it?

Well darlings, I think we’ve covered enough without covering very much. Time to pinch my lil finger and test the good ‘ol blood mates.


Laura said...

I love reading you. Missed you. :)
Listen, no one lies to you when they say you look great because you do."Awful" is a description that I'd use for Madonna and other starving skinny freaks. I was face to face with you and hugged you and you ARE a gorgeous woman.Pictures don't do you justice.
With or without the extra pounds - you will always be beautiful because you were born like that.

LOL...British,huh? That reminded me of British Porn (Family Guy)...I laughed for an entire week.
"Hold on...Hold on...Hold on...There ya go. Well done." (and that was the very "peak" of the passion with a heavy Brit accent)
I wonder if the pinky was involved.

I want to hear your voicemail.;)

SM said...

You are funny. i didn't do the voice mail. i have stuffy nose and would sound stupid ;)

thanks for the compliments but it's all good, i'm happy just being me right now.

Jim said...

When you got home from being gone all day, I would knock you down with my tail and jump up at you to hug you. Just sayin'.


SM said...

that's one strong tail you got going on haha.