Monday, December 21, 2009

Cleaning out the mess - Diary 8

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So how do the monks do it? Ommmmmmmmmm, cross legged, back straight and hands on knees? I’m looking for a nice place to meditate and I cannot do it in my house since:

1. the kids would see me sitting down and need to talk to me right that minute,
2. the husband would too,
3. so would the dog (yes, she speaks),
4. I’m sure my neighbor would need something, and last but not least
5. my mom would need me to make her screen larger or the font huge (ok mom, put your glasses on already).

I’m doing some winter cleaning while my daughter is away. First stop: my desk. Filing cabinets full of crap I have not looked at since 2005. I swear I save all sorts of papers, business cards, articles, magazines, school projects that I don’t even know what they are. You get the drift. I’m on garbage bag number 5. I’m so sure tomorrow there will be 10 things I will need that I threw out.

Doing this cleanup I found about 10 mothers day cards I had not given to my mom for some reason or another. I stopped the whole cleaning process to get a big folder and organize my cards. I swear I don’t have to step into Hallmark for 5 years. I found, congratulations on your baby cards, thank you cards galore, and birthday cards of all shapes and colors. Still, every time I have an event, I don’t have a card in sight. Well, now I have them, loads of them. My co-worker told me to bring them to work and sell them, not sure I can part with them just yet since they have been hanging out in my drawers for years.

Went snooping again on strangers blog, and there was the “I like to comment 20 times on my blog again”. It’s none of my business but why does it irk me? Human nature makes us judgmental creatures; maybe I just want to have 45 comments on my blog (even if I have to comment 38 of them). All the comments were religious, that might be my peeve right there. I just walked away, no more coffee for me after 7pm, it keeps me up and I do crazy things like read a religious blogs and get peeved (I’m using that word a lot today kids).

We had our office party today, it was so nice. I had a lot of fun seeing an old friend and meeting someone I’ve been talking to for about 7 years. She lives 2 hours away and is a freelancer, but we’ve been friendly for a long time. Nice chemistry there, I’m glad we got to do this. She baked some goodies and I hope someone save me some. I can’t eat a lot of sweets but hell if I won’t try some of those goodies.

I was supposed to be cleaning my desk (that’s how I got out of making dinner), but here I am writing a blog and talking to C on gmail. Oh, the life of a frustrated writer.


Blasé said...

I wish God would bless me with 45 comments...I think I will start cheating too, and add about 25 of my own!

Blasé said...

p.s. You'd think that my Cool sunglasses would generate 45 comments, right....THERE!

SM said...

you crack me UP!!
those sunglasses are mighty attracting! I would guess they can give you 10 extra comments a day!
-god willing-

Laura said...

Oh, the things we find in our desks (and house) at the end of each year!
A little bit of Feng Shui is wonderful.;) Followed by some Fa La La La La! haha

Merry Christmas, Miss S! Hope you have a great time.:)

SM said...

Definitely. I got rid of this big cabinet that serve no purpose other than collecting crap. It's like I feel freer with it gone haha. Thanks for the chocolate, I got it yesterday. Such a wonderful surprise.

Laura said...

SM said...

today we are picking a color for As room. all about the renovation!