Monday, December 28, 2009

Too much chocolate and such - Diary 10

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How is everyone this fine evening? I hope you are all wonderful.

L got me a great book on Luck. I’ve been reading it this weekend and it’s amazing. What colors are lucky, places, things etc. Might be trying out some of these lucky things because you never know, it might just work. Maybe I’ll be nice and share some of the lucky tips with you. Why not? It’s the season to share, forgive and look ahead with peach colored sunglasses.

Ate some chocolate that I’m not supposed to but F**k it! I liked it. The tree V gave me at work. So delicious. I kept saying, just one little bit more, just one more, a little bit more, just a tiny bite, this is it…and so on until all that was left was the plastic wrapping and the yellow ribbon. It wasn’t a huge tree, I should have had more self control, but it was so good.

Christmas was really fun. I miss my baby girl, but we managed to make it a great one for E. Santa came as he always does and I got one of those Flip cameras so I’ve recording everything and anything to make sure A has it all recorded when she comes back. E took my champagne glass and made a toast to “santa” and said we were the best. His love is something that amazes me every single day. Whatever I did to deserve them I really want to keep doing until my time is up. I had my family record a message for A so she could see it when she reads her email. My brother’s house on the 25 was just a cool and there was a chocolate pudding cheesecake that was orgasmic. I think I moaned after the spoon entered my mouth, my eyes closed just so after every overly eager lick. I finally looked around to find the H looking at me and laughing. Whatever that was, keep some for later, he said. He’s so cool. Everyone loved the sweet potato cake I made and the cranberry/orange/nut bread was also a hit. SCORE! Someone managed to bring a copy of Avatar to the party and E was in heaven. A perfect end to the holiday, sitting in the reclining chair, arms folded on the back of his head watching the movie he kept nagging me about. It was so long though, he got up 10 times before it was over.

I finally set up my G3 Mytouch phone. I now have to change all my numbers over but I’ll get to clear out the numbers I don’t need. I seem to add more numbers than the phonebook. Someone stop me. Why can’t phones just transfer the numbers with the sim card? Why do I always have to type them over?

Tomorrow I’m going to the museum with E. I have been promising this for a month and the weather has been sucky. Tomorrow will be cold ass beans but we’ll bundle up and take cabs if we must. Public transportation rules in NYC. I have my hat since lately it seems I need my head kept warm. I can’t wait to see his face when he comes face to face with all the things we’ve been talking about and I’ve shown him on the web. I’m not sure who is more excited.

Well, nothing to crazy going on so I’m going to go and figure out this phone crap and to read my Lucky book and maybe sneak in a Nora Roberts book a friend of mine let me borrow.
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Dream big....and here is a kiss to my favorite beautiful stalker *wink*


Laura said...

There is no such thing as TOO much chocolate!

Enjoy the end of this year. Hope the New one will bring you everything you dream of.

Happy New Year to you and yours. : )

((( Hug across the miles )))

SM said...

Thanks and the same to you!

When are you back?

Laura said...

I just found out that the airlines changed rules for the Intl. flights starting January.
I'll be allowed to check in only 1 suitcase. The second one is taxed with almost $70!Geez.
Don't they know that I have no idea how to pack "lightly"??? Where do I put my industrial size blow-dryer and the 12 Chippendales that I always take with me?? Okay, they're each worth 70 bucks, so I guess it's a good deal. I'll shove 'em in. lol

SM said...

What? A is coming home with 2 bags full of cool crap for her dads basement. All the horse stuff. I can't wait next week my baby will be home. I miss her terribly :)

12 chippendales? well, to each their own haha. Send video and pictures.