Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Romance and a brrrrrrr day! - Diary 11

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Yesterday was a particularly good day. Woke up with every intention of taking E to the museum but it was 20 degrees, which meant that in the city it would feel below 4. He didn’t want to go and venture out in the cold so we decided to postpone it once again.

I cleared out more of As room and put away more decorations. Around noon my little brother came to visit (which is always awesome) and when he left we went to take the H lunch at the shop. Yes, I’m that kind of wife, the one that takes her man lunch because she loves him and wants to hang out with him. He and E ate and then I took E to my friend Ls house. She has a very cool nanny that agreed to keep E and my friend’s boys while we went for a healthy lunch with her very cool friend C. We had some cool soup with this parmesan cheese circle thing. They told me you arrange the parmesan cheese in a pan and you let it melt a little with a sick in the middle. Then, you take it out and let it cool. It gets hard and pretty. The stick was sitting on both sides of the bowl with the circle parmesan in the middle. ART! We then had some polenta with veggies and some big ball in the middle that had an egg inside (so clever). We had some freshly pressed coffee. I forgot to press down on the lever (duh) and the girl had to come show me. I really need to get out more. For dessert people we had this almond paste with vanilla ice cream that was to die for. All in all we had a very successful and delicious lunch. Talking to women my age about fun things and things that are going on in our lives is so much fun. No drama, no walls between us, just three women talking about dreams, hopes and how much we love our kids. L was twins, C has a baby girl and I guess I’m the one with the two older ones. It was nice to go back in time and remember those cute baby, toddler years.

E and I got home by 5 just as the H was pulling in the driveway. Yey! Great timing. We had stopped at the red box looking for Harry Potter but it was gone – sigh – so the H told E he could order it on TV. He was so happy to order a movie on his own. I sat on the couch with him for the first 1 ½ watching this LONGGGGGGGGGGG movie and then I had to get up to start making dinner for us. I wasn’t thrilled with this latest potter and at the end E said…”That’s it? That’s how they are going to end it? Such a rip-off!” I had to laugh.

Around 11 A got online and we chatted a little bit about her last 3 days and how her grandma sometimes can be a little special. I felt bad that I wasn’t there to protect her; I know she handled herself well and with maturity. She should have just been like a regular teen and told her off, but she didn’t. I’m really proud of my kid.

Then it happened again. I went to bed, turned on the light at the night table and opened the little box with the 4 chocolates left. I placed my lemonade right next to them and opened my book once again. I could not stop reading. It was a romance novel that included four best friends who grew up together and started their own business. They did weddings. One was a photographer, one the baker, one the organizer and one did all flower arrangements at this mansion they all lived in. This book was about the flower arranger and how she met “her love”. I thought I’d read a few pages and then drift into dream land but I read the whole thing (was done about two thirty am). I smiled and cried and sighed. Also, I had some chocolates in between and drank some lemonade (in my mind champagne).

I love these women that can write novels like this and make you feel everything. I could imagine the love, stress, strain, need. Maybe I’m just a romantic fool and reading these books is really not the healthiest thing for me. Dinner in the city at fancy restaurants with champagne and staying at expensive hotels for the night is not something that will be happening to me any time soon. My Hs idea of romance is a little different but still effective. He brings champagne to bed and he makes me feel special all the time, but I will admit I want it all.

Be safe and warm today. I need to continue my cleaning out of As room so we can put the new furniture the H is making and then paint this weekend. I can’t wait for her to come home!!

Peace and love and kisses to my favorite stalker.

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