Monday, March 8, 2010

Shadow - Diary 32

I'm doing it again, starting another story. I have so many, I know. Don't get me started. I feel those are "tainted", but one day they will make me want to pick them up and finish them.

It's only practice, I've never said I was a great writer. I've never claimed to be a good one. I just have so many stories in my head that need to come out.

Here we go...again.

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Every single day he watches her.

Every day he watches her walk out of the building and into her car. He never says hello or even looks up when she walks by, but he’s watching her.

If it were anyone else it might feel creepy, but he just doesn’t seem the stalker kind. The few times they made eye contact, his eyes were a soft blue and his eyelashes were long and dark. Why she paid attention to such things was not important. She had no intention of starting anything with a stranger that seemed to always be there when she arrived in the morning, and when she left at night.

Sometimes when she left for the night, the building seemed like the scariest place, dark and creepy. She parked where there was a light above her car because she was always the last to leave. Well, not the last, because he was always leaving after she did. In a weird way, it gave her comfort knowing he was there and watching when she left, unless he was just making her feel comfortable so he would attack when she least expected it. Active imagination, she always had a very active imagination. Cam had to laugh at her thoughts, she was probably going crazy from all the overtime she did at the office. He was handsome and so tall. She knew he would tower over her and she liked that. Now that she thought about it, his mouth was not bad at all; full and kissable. She looked around like a fool in case she had just said that out loud although she knew she had not. No one can read your thoughts Cam, you are packing a whole lot of crazy right now, girl! Talking to herself didn’t help her cause.

In the shadows he smiled as he watched her walking towards her car and looking around as if someone was right next to her. He had to stop doing that to her or she would start to freak out and really report him to the authorities. His ability to leave his body and become a shadow was handy when he just wanted to be next to her and feel her presence close. “Shadow” as his friends have been calling him for 400 years loved the scent of her, and he really needed to get a life or finally say something to her.

He practiced in the dark corner the best way to approach her:

-Hi, I’m Shadow.

He shook his head. No. No.

-Hi, I’m Dante, and I think you are the most beautiful creature that has ever crossed my path. Marry me.

He laughed out loud at his last statement. I’m sure that would go well.
One more time.

-Hi, I’m Dante. Would you like to go out for coffee tomorrow after work?

Yes, that would work, unless she freaked out and ran screaming. He was a big guy, 6’4” and pure muscle. His shadow was smaller and less intimidating, but probably way scarier if you didn’t know.

He watched her walk to her car still, trying to gain the guts to talk to her, still fixated in her walk. She had the most incredible walk. Most women were not great walking on those high heels, but Cam was a natural. Her body swayed perfectly and her legs were lean and with enough muscle to know she’s be ok with being lifted into mid air while he…..Stop that! She’s not just a fuck toy. Well, maybe she wants to be a fuck toy. It doesn’t look like she’s been had in a long time; he’s never picked up “just had sex” scent from her. Nice Shadow, talking to yourself is really not going to win you points in the sane department. He was definitely glad his friends were not around to see him make a fool of himself. Finally, when got into her car safely he recalled his shadow and disappeared into the night. Tomorrow will be another day, and maybe he’d have the guts then.


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

Ooooh, this is really good! I need to know what happens!! More, please!!

Anonymous said...

Nice!! That is all. ;)


Jerry said...

You've never claimed to be a good writer? I think you can comfortably make that claim.

I know and understand good writing. What I don't know and understand is your marvelous ability to pull stories out of the wisp.

I am pleased to join your other followers.

SM said...

Anything fits a naked man - i'm on it ;)

D-for you ;)

Jerry - wow, thank you. I'm smiling!
yes, I can come up with 20 stories but I always seem to stop myself.

Anonymous said...

Of course we want to be fuck toys!
You write a very good story!


Laura said...

Oh, yes! This is very promising.
I already like Dante. There's something really sexy about 400 year old men.hehe ;)

I'm glad you're listening to your writing voice again.
Please continue!

Alex said...

I think Dante seems a little wimpy for 6' 4" I'm 72 and a half inches tall and already I think I can take him. LOL

SM said...

Secretia - is that a fact?! haha

Laura - i heart you

Alex - you are messing with my boy there....he's really stronger than you can imagine.

Shadow said...

great opening! who or what is he...