Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shadow 4 - Diary 35

Cam shook her hair free from her tight bun and let out a sigh. Her hair was long, the curls were soft and ticklish against her bare back. She started the shower and waited for the water to get hot enough. She loved this, being alone in her shower with her thoughts and fantasies. For some odd reason lately she felt watched in her living room and kitchen. Silly thought since there was only gypsy living with her. Still, the bath felt secure and private; a place where she could float into another world, one where there was a guy, a home, and she was loved well and often.

She stepped into the tub, picked the Jasmine scented soap and lathered up her sponge. While she worked her body with the suds she transported herself to where she was walking hand in hand with her handsome man. He was tall, sexy blue eyes, crooked smile and resembled the man she saw outside her office building. She smiled and let herself be led to a restaurant, fed slices of cheese and grapes as she drank a delicious Merlot. Their fingers entwined and they stared into each others eyes for hours, talking about their future and how wonderful it was going to be. Their wedding would take place at the Bel-Air Hotel with 12 beautifully landscaped acres of garden….did she visit the website for the hotel enough times at work? Her dress would be simple, classic, something Grace Kelly would have worn, and her cousins would be her bridesmaids. She never got to make many friends so they were the only ones Cam could count on.

She washed her hair slowly and let the suds run down her body while the water hit her face in a rain like way. Her eyes closed, her head back she let the stress of the day wash away, and the feeling of having a wonderful life overwhelm her. Sometimes the tears would mix in with the water and the vivid memory of another life, another time took over. How can something so wonderful only be a dream? She felt it so incredibly real.

Reality hit when the door of the bathroom opened slightly and gypsy wondered in, tail in the air, moving like she owned the place. Such grace for a common cat. Cam took the hint and got out of the shower and dried off. She wiped the mirror with the towel and stared at her reflection in wonder. Her eyes were shiny and her coloring pink, her lips were full as if wanting desperately to be kissed, she grinned and blew a kiss to her image. What’s up hot stuff? Her body suddenly shivered and all she heard in her mind was…goodnight love, tomorrow is another day. . She looked around the bathroom and got her pajamas. Damn, now it was not just a felling, but a voice in her head.


Shadow said...

this is intriguing and delightful... got some more reading to do. thanks for your visit. i'll be back for sure.

Anonymous said...

I love coming home and finding that you've entered another chapter. Makes a perfect end to my day.

You've got my attention and now I'd like more, More and MORE. PLEASE!!


PS. Tell me more about this sexy blue eyed man ;)

Blasé said...

"getting a grip"..and "tight buns" seem to mesh together for some odd reason...

Dulce said...

Beautiful post and intriguing IS

SM said...

Shadow - sending you kisses from here

D - you rock as always and I'm on my boys story

Blase - hold on to yer panties baby.

Dulce - yey, i'm smiling.

Laura said...

What a great image you paint here...Cam has a beautiful mind. Just like you.;)

I am loving this story more and more. Don't stop.

Laura said...

What a great image you paint here...Cam has a beautiful mind. Just like you.;)

I am loving this story more and more. Don't stop.