Monday, March 8, 2010

Shadow2-Diary 33

Cam drove home thinking of the handsome stranger. He was more than handsome, he was beautiful, but she had only seen him in the shadows. Cam was very shy and because she never thought of herself as a beauty, she had a hard time admitting that anyone would be attracted to her, especially someone of that caliber. Maybe he was really ugly in daylight, maybe he had 3 eyes or maybe he had all his teeth missing. Probably not, he was, Cam was certain, utter perfection. She licked her lips at the thoughts that were crossing her mind. She drove slower than usual until finally someone passed her and beeped the horn loudly. She laughed out loud, she must really be tired to be giving into this crazy fantasy world.

As her car pulled into her parking spot she felt sad. Coming home to just her cat was fine some days, but not so much today. She wished there was a family waiting for her behind the red door of her house. Cam bought this house with a lot of hard work, and insane amount of overtime. Her aunt had kept it in wonderful shape and her kids didn't want it when she passed away. Her aunt Marly raised her after her parents died when she was three. The woman had taught her so much and then has suddenly died at the age of 45 of a heart attack. Aunt Marly had left the house to her two daughters and Cam. Cam made sure she did what she needed to do to buy her cousins out, it had been hard, but she did it. Now, all this was hers, and it was waiting for a family to live in it, Cam thought the house cried out for it. Maybe it was just the cat purring by her leg.

She picked up Gypsy and gave her a kiss on the nose.
Hi baby!, missed me?.
You want dinner?
Sure, it will be ready in a jiffy.
How was your day love? good?. Mine was crazy.
Did I tell you about that new case I'm working on?

Stop me if you have heard all this before. Cam laughed at her conversation with Gypsy. Not because the conversation with a cat was extremelly silly, but because Gypsy was looking at her with very interested eyes. That's a cat for you, had her after the word "dinner".

Across the street, by the alley, Dante stood leaning against the wall of the old deli. His beautiful eyes closed. His shadow traveling across the way into Cams house. He had to stop doing this. He was becoming more of a stalker than a protector. His job was to make sure no harm came to her, that's what the council required. Sending his shadow to spy on her with her cat was not part of the job requirement. He started slow, only checking out the house before she walked in, making sure there was no danger for her. Then he stayed while she talked to her cat, now that was worth listening to, and it made him laugh. She was funny. If you saw her on the street, she was serious, confident and maybe a little stuffy looking. At home, in her pjs and her cat, she was vulnerable, sweet, beautiful, adorable, sexy, kissable, and all those other words that made his pants uncomfortable.


Anything Fits a Naked Man said...

OK, you've officially drawn me in! I'm loving this! More still, please!! (And great writing, by the way!!)

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! You need to not work and write more. heehee

The song "lost in the shadows" (from the Lost Boys movie), came to mind for some reason when I read this. IDK

Loving this story! ;)


SM said...

Anything fits the naked man - yey!!! thanks. I'm happy when I'm doing this.

D - haha I love my job! now if I could find time to do both well, work and write, then I'd be too happy.

Gillian said...

I love this one...

Laura said...

Aaahhh...the plot thickens. LOVE it!
Not sure yet who do I like more, Dante or his

What I also like very much is that you show not tell. You make me see the story just like I would watch a movie, and that's wonderful.

Keep going just like that, it's perfect.:D

Anonymous said...

Maybe I should reword that.

I need you to not work and write the rest of this story! lol


SM said...

As Scott points out, I need to work on getting the tenses all straightened out. I seem to write, write, write or else it goes away from me. I will correct all that after I'm done with da flow. :)

Thanks guys, I love that you like it.

Anonymous said...

He cannot stop stalking her, he needs her.


SM said...

he has to watch her but he's just taking it a bit too far. men!

Shadow said...

i wouldn't mind a 'shadow' like that? or would i?????