Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love you - Diary 28


That is the man I love since I can remember!

He's 83, forgetfull and sometimes pretty lost.

He may not remember me at all soon, but I remember him always.

Next week I have to ask my boss if he'll allow me to work from home, so my mom can go take care of some things. I'm afraid to do the wrong thing, to not be good enough. I'm always afraid of not being good enough. The H is awesome in these situations and he always knows what to do, and what to help with.

This week I'll be working more hours because my co-worker will be on a WELL DESERVED vacation. I have to remember a bunch of things to do and after the first day it's all routine. I could have called the temp agency but teaching someone the routine takes longer than the week she's off.

We had a great dinner with friends last night. My friend J made strawberry short cake from scratch. It was so delicious as was the dinner I made (hee hee). I tried some Jamaican beer they brought but I still like blue moon with a slice of orange the best.

Jamaica here we come :)


Anonymous said...

Love the picture! And you both are so happy in it. :)

Have no fears, YOU ARE good enough and then some. This I'm sure of!


PS. You could send some of that dessert my way!

SM said...

We are happy aren't we?
It's also the healthy living I've been doing lately.

Thanks D, you are awesome!.
and you know that you deserve to be HAPPY!!!!!!

There is cake in the fridge still, I'm trying not to jump on it head first when I get my sugar cravings.

Laura said...

That's a wonderful picture. Such happy smiles...The love is so evident. : )

Hope you make it through this hard week of work without too much stress.

You ARE good enough. You're afraid only because you are a perfectionist. That's all.;)


Alex said...

Jamaican beer? must be like trying Russian wine.

SM said...

haha I'm not a perfectionist Laura, I'm just trying to get to tomorrow without falling assleep at the wheel.

Alex - it was really good, but a little strong in my taste.