Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tripping - Diary 27

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Every journey starts with a small step….

As does love.

Sometimes many steps later you need to start all over again. Small steps towards regaining the love you’ve lost.

Is it worth it?

Starting the steps, with new shoes and all?


Where did you trip? At what point of your relationship did you start stumbling that you forgot to walk forward. You missed one step, then two, then you completely forgot where you were going.

Are we meant to be monogamous?

What a tricky question.

What do you think? Are we meant to be with one person for the rest of our lives?

Sometimes you can trip, but if you clean your shoes and keep going, is that ok? Will your shoes have signs of wear and tear?

When do you change shoes? Maybe it is best to not fix the shoes you have and keep going because, alterations can be dangerous. Mending is not always the best way to keep things the same.

I’ve been noticing a trend in the tripping department.

.......this is where it begins.

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Laura said...

Tripping may happen, but when the heel breaks then you really should change shoes otherwise you'll be struggling real bad. Your ankle will hurt, then your whole foot, and the walking will become an ordeal.

I, for one, choose to not limp and hurt for the rest of my life.
As much as I would regret the shoes...When they're done, they're done.

Not sure about the monogamy part...
Some people are lucky to find their perfect soulmate and they are set for life, others are searching and keep changing partners.

So what's the trend in the tripping department?

SM said...

I know that you can find your soulmate. I did. Don't settle for anything less than the guy who will never need you to change those love walking shoes.

I didn't say falling, I said tripping. I'm hoping for a shoe cleanup and for people to keep taking steps.

xo L ;)

Anonymous said...

In my dreams I have many lovers, one more satisfying than the other, but in real life I need the emotional and ohysical stability of a one to one relationship.
It's too risky any other way for me.


SM said...

I agree!!

Thanks for reading my blog.

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Hmm..monogamous relationships are personal choices.To each their own I say.What's most important is we wear the shoes we are most comfortable in - and don't trip in as often ;)

SM said...

Absolutely Tabitha!

I always wonder what people are thinking.

I have comfortable shoes haha.

Dulce said...


I love this blog of yours and this post is as thought provoking as Secretia's questions ;)
I can have two affairs or even three at the same time- but not at a time- that's great for self esteem, and not for much more I think, BUT real love there can be only one at a time... And a few (or a lot) along a lifetime- of course!


Alex said...

I was totally faithful to my X-girlfriend for as long as we were together I was only with her. If I ever feel about another woman the way I feel about her I could be completely monogamous again. Right now I seem to be going through a little catch up spell.

SM said...

Dulce! I like you, tell me more haha ;). I'm always facinated by someone who can admit to what they want.

Alex - I can totally understand that.

Anonymous said...

This post is making me think too hard, so now I've got a headache. Thanks!

Seriously though, you can only try to mend something so many times before it just can't be held together anymore. So with that, I guess I'm going shopping tomorrow...I need a new pair of shoes!! ;)


SM said...

D - sorry i missed your call yesterday, i didn't hear the phone and we actually got home much later than i expected.

you need a new pair of manolos girl! i'm very happy you decided this, i didn't want to go all ninja on his ass.

xoxox i'm here for ya!

Anonymous said...

No worries!! We'll touch base some other time.

Now, you know I'd totally twist or break an ankle in those shoes. I'll stick with a nice pair of sneakers or ass stompers. haha



Anonymous said...

No worries, we'll touch base some other time.

Now, you know I'd twist or break an ankle in those shoes. I'll stick with a nice pair of sneakers or ass stumpers. haha