Friday, January 22, 2010

Let yourself bloom - Diary 20

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I read yesterday a great blog written by my friend Izzy and I started to think more on the subject. Yes, I could have written a long ass comment but I just limited myself to a small funny (or trying to be funny) one. I do tend to use humor when I find the subject a little complex. I don’t know how to do colorful links and sh** but here is a link to her article - On the blog find -Ask Izzy and you are good to go bich**.

She keeps her identity there anonymous because that’s how she rolls.

The subject if I got it right is changing for your next relationship. I’m still in the same one after 22 years so I hope I don’t have to go through this. BUT, I can offer some observations as an avid Millionaire Matchmaker watcher. Yes, I said it. I watch that crap, so what? You gonna judge? (Good grammar there) Well, go right ahead, because most likely I’m judging you back. I’m aggressive today, must be the caffeine and lack of sugar. Makes me itchy or bitchy. Either or.

I believe that we can always learn from a past relationship. If our ears and nose are forever growing (according to my daughters bio book, or was it her health book, whatever), then we are forever changing. We should be changing all the time. I don’t want to be the easy no chapter book to be read. I want to have chapter, hidden stories, mystery, sex, some drama, to be continued…etc.

The Millionaire Matchmaker chick says no sex for three months when you enter a relationship (and my very good friend B agrees with her). Having sex early on makes the other person only think of you a sex object and not as someone they are connected with mentally. My opinion is that, if they are thinking of you in a sexual way, they are connected mentally with you, right? Ok, moving on. I believe in body chemistry, spark. This for me applies, especially if you are over 25. If you meet someone and they just make you alive all over, you should totally jump their bones. Do you think cavemen waited three months? No, if their dirty ass penis rose up, they went for it. Are you always YOU when you meet someone new? I think we all have an act we follow. We are at our best behavior, groomed to the hilt, checking out teeth 5 times after we eat, and smiling at jokes we would ordinarily bleh.

People say, stay true to yourself. Do any of us know who we really are? I see so much confusion in people. We are all always looking for an answer, and who you are for sure today may change tomorrow if something tragic happens. We are evolving, moving, confused, amazed, angered or sad. I am not the same person my husband married. I am not the same person I was two years ago. My values have not shifted, my love has grown, my commitment is solid still, but I’m not the same person. Relationships are never going to be 50/50 and you are fool if you think they are. Someone is always giving more and it changes with our day to day.

Be true to love, not yourself. Be friends first, that’s always better. Be seduced and seduce. Take a million chances if you failed 999,999 of them. Be open always, and even if you get hurt, get up and try again. As I type this I’m changing, I’m evolving. I’m realizing that I have closed myself to friends and people around me. Going to think of myself as a flower that is opening up towards the sun and will let soul be filled with sunshine and love. Don’t try to be a bee and come all up in my business will ya? Pervs.

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Peace and love


Anonymous said...

I love you. And not just because you said dirty ass penis.

SM said...

I love you too.

Anonymous said...

Also, I always follow the at least three month rule. She's on to something there.

Anonymous said...

Very true, the caveman thingy. If the spark is ther go for it, but if i is just to get in their pants, not so much.
I have missed your writngs.

SM said...

Hey Janet!!!
Glad you came. Well, after reading your squirt blog, I'm feeling like I need to go figure out some things haha.

SM said...

Anonymous - Hey what if you wait three months and he/she sucks and not in the good way?

Jess Giles said...

Millionaire Matchmaker is secretly amazing

SM said...


Blasé said...

So, is it likely that in the next few minutes/days/weeks/years you just may change your thoughts on what you just shared?

I only appreciate the words "ass" and "penis" in the same breath...if the 'ass' belongs to a female...

Blasé said...

..oh, are you trying to make your comments look like a lot by answering all of that religious woman does? :D

cheryl said...

buzzzzzzz..... *wink*

great post! I love MM!!! She ROCKS! But... not as much as you my friend!!


SM said...

my thoughts may change ;) but not by much.
and yes, I want the world to think everyone reads my blog and comments....god bless.
you make me smile busy bee you.

Blasé said...

..oh, I forgot- ooxxxoox Did I do that right??

SM said...

you are getting there!

ooops....I'm just in a quick reply mood while my coffee cake bakes.

:) I'll take the kisses and hugs ;)

Blasé said...

um..let's see. Counting this one, you've got 15 comments for this post! WHOOOOOooo!

Laura said...

Make that 16.hehe!

Very interesting insight, Sandra.
We sure change, but just like you said, our core values never do. A lamb can not turn into a wolf nor a wolf can turn into a lamb. We are what our core is.

I believe that past situations affect us because we learn something about ourselves from each experience and by learning we evolve.
I also believe that if you love yourself you can be true to yourself AND to love as well.

No matter what tragedy happens, love heals everything...Not time, not money, not success. Only love.

Um...I think I need to lay down now.

SM said...

All time record!!!!! whoohooo

Laura - you are right, about it all!

Denise Burks said...

I was a 37 year old single mom when I met Russ (my husband). I had just dropped off my 16 year old daughter at O'hare's International Airport, she was traveling to Mexico to study spanish. I hopped on the train to go to downtown Chicago when a handsome man sat next to me. Sixteen hours later I was, to quote you, "jumping his bones." I was out of town, my kid was out of the country for 30 days, I was starring in my own "Mommy Goes Wild" story. Little did I know that it would land me in suburbia with six kids! But it did. Here I am and I have to tell you that reading your post really made me long for those moments. I can recall every detail about those first hours, days, months. I flew back home the next day but we talked on the phone for hours and hours and hours (and that is before cheap/no long distance rates). By the time I flew back to Chicago to see him I was so in love/lust with him that I couldn't see straight. I'm afraid that the dullness of everyday life and the chores that come with it stolen some of that animal attraction. Reading your post reminds me that I need to put some effort into reviving that part of our relationship.

Thanks for sharing your opinions!

SM said...

You must made me SMILE wide!!!
I'm a hopeless romantic.

maybe watch him at dinner a little closer than you usually do and remember those steamy phone calls...hey maybe you can call him at lunch *wink*