Friday, January 8, 2010

Paranoid – Diary 15

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Not sure how I did this but I was following myself. Now that's nuts. Took me 10 minutes to figure out how to un-follow me. Did I just diss myself?

When I was feeling sick and was sure I was going to die on the spot (insert some dramatic music here), I used to not lock the bathroom door at work in case I keeled over and only had seconds to live. I wanted to make sure someone could come in quickly and not have to bother with a locked door. Very practical, yes I am. Today, I did lock the door. I am feeling so much better since I let go of a lot of things I didn’t realize were so damaging to me. I won’t say I have not cheated a little (not in the soda department). My daughter brought back these amazing alfajores with dulce de leche that are so hard to resist. Overdid on that department but that was yesterday and the day before. As of today, that is done! No more giving into temptation. SELF CONTROL. Yes, self control.

I was reading my Snapple cap yesterday and it said that the brain is 80% water. I found that interesting since sometimes we say…I’m drowning (when we are upset). What happens is that your thoughts are under water, you only have 20% water free capacity and that does not make for a lot of space (unless you have a huge head). There, problem solved. Nothing is wrong with you, just stop thinking, you don’t have the room for it. I read on another one that a good egg floats in water but a bad egg will sink. Is that why people say “he’s a bad egg”, cause dude can’t float? I’m getting to the bottom of these things.

Both my brothers are getting married this year! Yey! A huge part of me is so happy that they are and a small part of me feels a little sad that they will not be just my little brothers anymore. They will now be grown ass men with wives (and kid). I hope that as they build their families we will all still be close.

How do we feel about 2009 being in the past right now? I have conflicting feelings.

Do you ever hate a company because you really don’t like someone that works for it? I totally banned (can't say name) because I really dislike a guy that works for them. How childish but funny is that? I happen to love the commercials where (can't say name) is being talked smack about. I just can’t help it. Now that I have actually typed that out, I feel much better. What a cleansing experience.

Take care everyone and remember: an apple a day keeps the dr. away. Stay away from drugs and girls with severe PMS.


Anonymous said...

You dissed yourself? dork
What company is (can't say name)? I never heard of it.

Blasé said...

Obviously the 'Snapple Cap' was referring to "Anonymous"...

SM said...

A - nevermind
Blase - snort

Gillian said... dissing us gals with PMS? Huh? HUH! Youre playing with fire....

You unfollowed yerself but now you have made up yer numbers with my follow.

See you around!

SM said...

haha my daughter was pmsing and I remind myself that "this will pass" and walk away.

Thanks Gillian! very cool to meet ya.

cheryl said...

You make my day!!! There were so many random and amusing thoughts in this post that i cannot comment on any... but I am glad 2009 is gone... i feel pretty good about this year, today anyways, check back with me when it's closer to my oldest son's graduation from HS!!! OMG! OMG! OMG! WHHHHHAAAAAAHHHHH!

Love you!

SM said...

Sorry for the random, that's how my brain works.

OMG HS?? but he was just little! well, you will look like his sister, not his mom at graduation.