Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Lick a bowl - Diary 19

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I went to CVS today and noticed all the water bottles by the door. Hundreds of water bottles that slowly but surely will be sold by next week.

I come home and watched the news and see the horror of the victims in Haiti fighting and killing each other for the same water bottles I just saw right by a door unsupervised.

Fu**ing A! I felt guilty lifting a bottle to my lips and thought, what a country we live in! A water bottle is overlooked and tossed half drunk aside while others kill for it.

As I got ready for bed I thanked whomever was listening for my kids, husband, family and friends being safe on this night and all the nights we’ve been safe from harm.

All we really need money for is a roof over our head, clothing and food. You need love too but you should not be buying it.

Be thankful we are here and have enough to eat and more than enough to drink. Help someone tomorrow. Donate food, clothing to people who need it. Find out how you can contribute to a cause that will make a difference.

My birthday was great yesterday. My family came over and I cooked (my mom too). Made some red velvet cupcakes with frosting that everyone devoured. I saved two for my friends at work D and V. I knew both would enjoy it!!.

I got some ‘banging presents and some beautiful flowers from my 3 year old nephew, cause he woves me.

Both my kids made me breakfast and they were delicious. Thank god the first one was a fiber cereal, cause by the time I got the bacon and eggs I was thankful for the extra help…ewww nasty!

Have a great night kiddies, lick a bowl if you can. It’s liberating.


Gillian said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday!
The bacon and eggs sounds heavenly.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to my favorite rockstar!:)
I'm happy that you had such a great B-day with your loved ones.

You know, when other people's tragedy unfolds in front our eyes we can't stop thinking of our own blessings.
I'm hoping that Haiti's tragic situation will make everyone realize how little do we really need. The basic things (a home, food, clothes and WATER) are enough to keep us alive and happy - everything else is just greed.

Personally, I had a revelation of this kind 20 years ago when I visited an orphanage. I was forever changed and I haven't stopped donating since. Everything I don't need anymore or have too much of always goes to charity. It's already a habit, one that fills my heart with indescribable joy. Giving is more rewarding than receiving.:)

I use to say - a donation is not only a way to save someone's life but it also buys you a front row seat in Heaven. :)

Great blog, my friend, you have a beautiful mind.

SM said...

Gillian - I had not had eggs/bacon in so long, it tasted like heaven!!!

Laura - I expected nothing less of you! you truly have a wonderful, giving heart.

Great idea for donating.

Christie said...

Amen, sista. We have it so good, don't we? Here's go counting our blessings more often.

cheryl said...

Amen and Amen again! I feel so helpless and so fortunate to have so much!

We will all be licking bowls and beaters tomorrow as we prepare cupcakes for what would have been my daughter's 18th birthday on Friday. She will be frozen in time at 13 but we will still celebrate!!!

Love you dollface!!!


SM said...

yes Christie! absolutely.

Cheryl - I'll be thinking of you on Friday. I'm so sorry still about your loss. her brothers and sister need to always keep her with them ;)
oooxoo love you too

sarah said...

Really good thoughts... I was just talking to a friend about how difficult it is to conceptualize realities this week in Haiti. The scary thing is, it has taken an earthquake to bring the atrocious reality of many Haitian's lives to the rest of the world's attention.

Happy Birthday (Belated!) And great blog =)

J said...

What are you talking about?? I buy love all the time.

Love you!

SM said...

Sarah, i can't believe all you've done in your 29 years!!! it's amazing.
sometimes we just don't want to see until we HAVE to see.

J...wasup you? haha all you need is loveee lovveeeee. love is all you need.