Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking back at you - Diary 17

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What do you do when what you see in the mirror is not what everyone else sees?

Distorted images can be the hardest thing to overcome. What is real? What they see or what you see? You wake up one morning and who you see looking back at you is bright, beautiful, and happy. The next day, you see a completely different person and you stop looking, you move away quickly, not wanting to see the details. How can we be so many different people to ourselves but only one to the outside world? The truth is that we have to get up in the morning and say – Today I am better than yesterday – and then look in the mirror and smile. It doesn’t matter that our hair looks like we just had a fight with a mountain lion and the bags under our eyes are so pronounced you can use them for shopping. Seeing past all that into our core is where you should aim. If I don’t put my glasses on before I go to the bathroom I find myself getting so close to the mirror I’m practically nose to glass. The tiny red lines in my eyes are scary and my hair is wild and not necessarily in a good way.

I’m the person that walks past a large mirror and says UGH to the reflection and keeps walking. I have stopped that and now just smile at the person facing back at me. Poor thing only shows when I walk by a mirror, otherwise she’s hiding inside bored to tears. How rude of me to make a face at her when all she wants to do is look back and see a smile. Seriously, think of your reflection as a friend that needs love and affection. Someone who only wants what is best for you, a true friend. She might be your best friend…bff…or bffff as kids say. Give her/him thumbs up! Wink if you feel inclined. Don’t overdo it and flash her because you might get into a bit a trouble; unless you are home and then you should let go. You’ll see how jealous the other reflections will get of your relationship. Everyone will be wondering what you two have going on and why you are so happy every time you see each other. Make her feel special and put on some makeup once in a while so she can see how pretty you feel. She’ll do the same for you and you can both look at each other and examine the great art work. She’ll tell you if your mascara is running or if your eyeliner does that dotted line thing now that you are 40 and nothing is as smooth as it used to be.

Do you have to do that yet? Stretch your eye out a bit to get the eyeliner perfect or else it looks like you just did a dotted line? No eyes lift for either of you yet, you can hold off on all that unnatural stuff until she tells you it’s time for a touchup or two. Nip/Tuck has scared the crap out of us but we still practice stretching our face in all directions to see if you can go back to 25. Doubtful but this is between the two of you so who’s going to rat you out? She won’t, she never would. Anything you tell her stays between the two of you.

So go out and hug your reflection. Say thank you for sticking with you all your life. Treat your reflection kindly, you never know when you are going to need her to blow you a kiss back. Amazing how she can do that, blow you a kiss back.

Have a great Tuesday! ;)

Btw WHY IS IT THAT I CAN ONLY SEE TWO BLOGS WHEN I CLICK NEXT BLOG? Did I click something wrong again?


cheryl said...

You always seem to read my mind... i wink at my reflection... well... after a shower... makeup, hairspray, etc... but yeah... i wink... why not? if i don't who else will???

Love this one!!! And now I will Love ME just a little bit more and not be so quick to turn away in the mirror...

But... i still wonder what others see... because i know they don't always see me... maybe that's a good thing... i'm a bit complicated. meh...


Laura said...

Nice write, love the idea of a harmonious relationship with yourself.

I call my reflection Ms. Synchronicity or just simply "Syn".haha
Sometimes I stick out my tongue to her and she does the same, but we both seem to like that because it makes us smile.

SM said...

Cheryl * I'm reading your mind because I have superpowers. Didn't you know?
Love yourself and love your reflection.

Laura * you and syn have a great relationship since you look fabulous all the time!